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Pre Installation of Hardware

Like any other good vendor we are constantly looking for ways to do our jobs better, be more efficient and save you money.  We have recently implemented a value engineering service that does not compromise the specification nor substitute the quality or brands that have been specified.

As you may be aware, during the construction process most doors on a jobsite can be a burden as they are simply in the way of the tradespeople and are subject to being damaged. Pre-Installation of hardware off-site avoids that problem.  It also gives the General Contractor the ability to request delivery of Doors (with Pre Installed Hardware) near the end of the Project as the bulk of the work has been completed off-site leaving minimal installation in the field.  Our Pre-Installation facility allows our installers an environment free from job-site chaos, ideal working conditions thus enabling a near perfect installation on every door.  Frequent job-site issues such as nonconforming door preps, missing parts and pieces of hardware are discovered and remediated at our facility, never reaching the job-site.  This also saves you and your customer’s lots of money, according to our calculations, Pre-Installation of hardware can save as much as 30% versus the traditional methods of job-site installation.

Please contact your Security and Building Material Consultant to further explain the advantages, benefits and savings other Customers are currently enjoying by taking advantage of this new value added service.